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A platform with the goal of educating and providing resources for those wishing to build wealth.

A Proven Program

The 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program is a proven method developed by me over the past 15 years to build my families wealth and it will do the same for you!

You Too Can Do it!

You don’t have to be a financial guru or pay large fees to a financial adviser to save, invest and build your wealth.

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Are You Concerned?

Are you concerned about having enough money for retirement?
I too was concerned so I developed the 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program. Now my family is well on our way to a financially secure retirement!

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The 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program will dramatically improve your net worth by changing the way you spend, save and invest. By developing a personal budget, using Apps and worksheets to guide you through the process and keep you on track.

If you have the Will, I have the Program and together we can achieve amazing results!

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Did You Know?

You can setup a system to automatically save and invest each and every month into an account you setup at the investment firm of your choice. Setup the plan and it will happen automatically each month, with no action needed on your part.

Social Security

It is being discussed in the news that Social Security benefits will need to be reduced starting in 2035.

The good news is we can take control of our financial future so we are not dependent on Social Security for a financially secure retirement.

The average retiree receives approximately *$1,470 per month in Social Security benefits. That's only *$17,640 per year per person or $35,2800 per family with two retirees receiving benefits.
*Data provided by https://www.cbpp.org

Simple & Easy to Follow

I provide a simple, easy to follow plan to build your wealth.
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Comprehensive Program

I created a system with the goal of making it simple to start saving and investing each and every month year after year to build your wealth.

Your Wealth Guide

The 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program will guide you through the 9 Drivers to build your wealth. 

Wealth Windfall Promises

  • Guide you in creating a personal success plan
  • Guide you to a life of Less is More
  • Focus on Quality purchases over Quantity purchases
  • Learn the 30-day and 90-day Delay Gratification rules
  • Provide you the tools to take the guess work out of building wealth
  • Define YOUR End Goal
  • Retire with financial security so you can pursue YOUR dreams!

Course Overview

The 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program will teach you; how to change your mindset from 'wants' to 'needs', how to create and maintain a monthly budget, and give you the confidence to invest through 9 comprehensive Drivers.
Driver #1 ~ Commitment
Driver #2 ~ Define Independence
Driver #3 ~ Attitude
Driver #4 ~ Action Plan
Driver #5 ~ Consistency
Driver #6 ~ Pride
Driver #7 ~ End Goal
Driver #8 ~ Patience
Driver #9 ~ Results!

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My wife and I have retirement dreams of where we want to live, places we want to travel, hobbies, and charitable activities. With the plan I developed we are on our way to achieving those dreams. Be like us and turn your retirement dreams into reality.

Don't let another day pass! Take control and begin on your path to financial freedom!
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This Program is Right For You if:

~ You are concerned you are not saving enough for retirement.
~ You are concerned Social Security will not provide enough monthly income (IF ANY).
~You want to save and invest but are unsure how to start.
~ You want a step by step plan to evaluate your spending and begin on a program to build your wealth.

About Me

My name is Peter and after spending the past decade developing a step by step plan to get out of debt, manage our expenses, save for retirement and invest on a consistent basis, I developed the 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program.

Recently married, in debt and realized I needed a plan to get out of debt and start saving (and investing). I’ve always been a saver, or so I thought, but being newly married and reviewing our assets and debts, my wife and I realized we needed to get serious about paying off our credit cards (and wedding debt) and start saving money with the hope of starting a family. Like most people I wanted to build wealth for me and my family, but I didn’t have a plan. So, I developed a step by step plan to pay off our debts, manage our expenses, save more each month and invest those savings.

I believe everyone can save a substantial amount of money and grow their wealth over time if they follow a few action ideas which I refer to as Driver’s.

If we change our view of money and possessions which I categorize into two groups, 'wants' and 'needs', we can build wealth without feeling that we are sacrificing our standard of living.
Take the free assessment to see if the 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program is right for you and begin your journey toward financial freedom.


30 years experience in the financial sector. 
12 years in the financial services industry 
5 years as a mortgage consultant 
13 years as controller for a commercial builder 

Money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee. I'm so confident in the program that I have a 30-day refund policy. If you can show that you've worked through the entire program, completed the worksheets and implemented the complete program and still have not seen an increase in your wealth within 30 days then you will be granted a refund for the entire cost you paid for the program.


The 1DriverAtATime Wealth Program has put me on the path to achieve my financial goals so I can retire early and pursue my passion full-time.
Mary G